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Rules & Regulations

It is the responsibility of all members to accept and adhere to the Club’s policies so that a safe and enjoyable environment can be maintained.


  1. Members must sign in with their membership card at the commencement of training. If you do not have a card you may be refused entry or a new card can be printed with a $20 fee.

  2. No mobile phones or photographic equipment allowed past the entrance foyer

  3. Members must wear closed in shoes at all times and appropraite gym attire

  4. A bath/beach towel must be used in all areas of the Club

  5. Please walk around the basketball court

  6. No equipment is allowed on the basketball court

  7. Training on or around the Grey Strip is not allowed due to OHS standards

  8. Report any faults immediately to staff on duty

  9. Food is not allowed past the gate

  10. Glass bottles are not permitted within the Club

  11. Use equipment properly and ask for assistance if you are unfamiliar with the equipment;

  12. Do not slam, drop or throw weights/dumbbells

  13. Replace any free weights, plates or dumbbells after use to prevent accidents

  14. Respect the equipment and premises and do not move equipment from its designated area

  15. Members must comply with any restrictions to equipment for example an incorrect use of cable machine would be to add additional weights that are not built for that machine

  16. Training whilst injured is at your own risk

  17. Please refrain from using multiple machines in the cardio and weights area during the peak hours of 5pm to 7pm as this holds up other members

  18. No external Specialist are permitted to use the facilities for coaching or directing purposes

  19. Children under 6 are not permitted past the entry gate

  20. Children aged 6-11 years are permitted on the basketball court only under the direct supervision of a parent or Guardian within 4-5 meters at any given time

  21. Children aged 12-15 years must train under the direct supervision of a parent or Guardian within 4-5 meters at any given time

  22. Children must be 16 years of age to train unsupervised in the gym

  23. All members must treat fellow members and staff with respect and dignity.

  24. Membership cards are to be used by the individual that owns the account and cannot be used by anyone else


These rules and regulations are set for the safety of everyone. Management has the right and responsibility to update and maintain the policies to the benefit of the club and its members, anyone found not following club rules may be suspended from the club either short term or indefinitely.




  1. To join the club you must complete all details of the membership agreement, it must be signed and dated.

  2. Your membership is an agreement between you and MBSC as specified in the agreement.

  3. Once you have signed your membership agreement, you must adhere to this PDS and the rules and guidelines, or legal implications could arise.

  4. Members under the age of 18 cannot enter into a direct debit arrangement or a membership without the full consent and guarantee of a responsible adult. This means the consenting adult takes full financial responsibility for the agreement regardless of whether they are paying for the fortnightly debits or not.

  5. It is important that you ensure you notify MBSC of any changes to your health or existing medical conditions, or if you believe there is a risk to your health of others as a result of you participating in activities under your membership.

Club Etiquette

  1. In signing your membership agreement you agree to read and abide by the rules contained in the MBSC etiquette policy which is part of your membership agreement.

a/ Members must conduct themselves in a manner which will not cause harm to themselves or other members.

b/ Members must advise MBSC staff at the time of joining or at any other subsequent time throughout the term of your membership if they are injured or there is any change to their health that may impact their ability to continue to exercise or use club facilities.

c/ For hygiene reasons members must use a towel on all equipment.  The equipment must be wiped down after use with the disinfectant provided.

d/Please be respectful of others with your own personal hygiene.

e/ Members must bring their membership card to swipe in at reception before using any facilities in the club.

f/ Members and staff must conduct themselves with appropriate decorum in the club and treat others with respect at all times. Foul language and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

g/Members are asked to respect the privacy of other members and refrain from using camera/video on their mobile phone or any other recording device whilst in the club.

h/Members are asked to dress appropriately for their workouts and wear suitable training shoes at all times while in the club.

i/Members must immediately replace all weights and equipment upon completion of exercise. MEMBERS MUST NOT LEAVE EQUIPMENT ON THE FLOOR. This is a safety issue and will be strictly enforced.

j/ Members are asked to treat the equipment and facilities with care, please report any breakage or damage to equipment to a staff member as soon as possible.

k/ Lost property will be kept for 2 weeks, after which if unclaimed will be donated to charity.

Gym Etiquette

  1. a/ Appropriate training clothes and closed in footwear must be worn at all times. No Steel cap boots.

  2. / A full sized towel must be used by all members and members are asked to use disinfectant provided to wipe down machines after use.

c/ Children must be 16 years and older to train in the gym, cardio area or attending a group fitness class unsupervised.

  • Children under 16 are not permitted in the gym; children 12-15 years of age must be under direct supervision of a parent or guardian when using the cardio area or attending a group fitness class.

e/ Weights and equipment must be replaced correctly after use, please ask staff if you are unsure.

d/ Members must treat the equipment, staff and other members with respect.

e/ No food or protein shakes are to be consumed in the gym or cardio area.

f/ Members are asked to consider others and not sit on equipment during rest periods, where possible please work your training regime in with other members.

g/ Members must adhere to time limits on equipment where applicable.

Group Fitness Etiquette

  1. a/ Members must swipe in at reception and tell the staff you will be attending a class.

  2. Members are not permitted to enter a class after the advertised start time.

c/ Some classes require a pass to participate, these will be given out at reception upon your arrival; the group fitness instructor will collect these before commencement of the session.

  1. / Appropriate training clothes and closed in footwear must be worn at all times. No steel cap boots.

c/ Mobile phones are to be kept on silent.

e/ Members must treat equipment, staff and other members with respect.

f/ Members must use a towel for hygiene reasons and where applicable use the disinfectant provided to wipe down equipment after use.

  • No food or protein shakes are to be consumed in the group fitness room.


  1. MBSC has the right to cancel your membership and charge the applicable cancellation fees and other charges should you, in their opinion, breach Club Policy and Procedures.


  1. Risk and liability

a/ It is important to acknowledge and understand that participation in activities within your membership require varying degrees of physical exertion and/or physical risk which may cause your death or personal injury.

b/ MBSC to the fullest extent permitted by law accept no responsibility for injury or death that results directly or indirectly from the misuse of facilities by you.

c/ MBSC are not liable to you or to any person for:

  1. any loss or damage of any kind that is directly or indirectly caused by or results  from any wrongful, wilful or negligent act or omission of you or MBSC (or any of its officers, employees, agents, or contractors); or

  2. any direct, incidental, special or consequential damages, including loss of profits or anticipated profits, even if notified of the possibility of that potential loss or damage.

d/ MBSC take no responsibility for the loss or damage of your personal belongings.

e/ You must advise MBSC of any medical or physical conditions that they need to be aware of which will affect your use of the facilities. It is your responsibility to update the club of any changes to your condition.


  1. Membership Terms

a/ Staffed membership paid in full

  1. Memberships are not refundable, or transferable.

  2. Members will receive a membership card which will need to be swiped at reception before using the club at each visit

  3. Members may be denied access if they do not have their membership card with them.

                   b/ Staffed direct debit membership

1          You must fill out a Direct Debit Request and Contract, read the terms and conditions of the debit success contract. Once you have signed this contract you have agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined.

2          Your membership is ongoing where there is a minimum term commitment. Ongoing memberships will continue after the minimum term end date until cancelled by you.

3          To cancel your membership you must give 2 weeks’ notice directly to MBSC and Debit Success.

4          If you decide to cancel your membership within the minimum term commitment, you will incur a $70.00 cancellation fee.

5          If your membership goes to full term and you decide not to continue there is no cancellation fee.

6          The initial fee for starting your membership is paid at MBSC and thereafter is direct debited weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a date determined by MBSC.

7          Direct debit will charge a one off $10.00 administration fee.

Direct debit memberships are not transferrable

8          Suspension of payments is for a minimum of 2 weeks at a time so long as the total time suspended within the minimum term does not exceed 2 weeks. There is a charge of $5.00 per week while the contract is suspended. You will need to contact MBSC 1 week prior to the date of the first suspension. Any time spent on suspension will be added to the minimum term of the contract, so that the sum of the instalments shall be payable regardless of any suspension or suspension charges made.

9          If there are insufficient funds on the due date in your nominated account to meet the direct debit payment, you will incur an additional dishonour fee of $10.00 with your next payment, plus the now outstanding payment.

10        If you dispute any payment you must notify MBSC or Debit Success immediately. Debit success will respond to your dispute within 7 working days and will immediately refund the amount of the debit if we are not able to substantiate the reason for it.

11        In addition to those already mentioned, you are responsible for ensuring your nominated account is able to accept direct debits. If it is not it is your responsibility to provide Debit Success and MBSC with a new account number.

12        You will be denied future direct debit memberships at MBSC if Debit Success has listed your account as being sent to a Debit Collections agency



  1. Members only after and before staffed hours as specified at the time of joining.

  2. Use of MBSC is strictly for members only when the club is unstaffed

  3. Access cards

a/Members will not be able to use the club unless they have valid access.

b/A fee as specified at the time of joining will be charged for the issue of your after hour’s access card.

c/The access card is for your use only and is not to be given to any other person to access the club. In the event that this occurs you and the other person will be immediately suspended from using the club for one month. You will be charged $160 that must be paid within one month or your membership will be cancelled indefinitely.

d/ The cost of the access card is non-refundable, non-transferable to another member during or after the currency of your membership and will be cancelled on the cancellation of your membership.

e/ a fee of $45 is charged for a replacement access card.

  1. You must agree to an induction process at the time of purchasing your after hour membership.               

  2.  You must sign a code of conduct and fill out a new membership agreement.

  3.  You must be a current member to use the after hour facilities; no casuals and no visit cards.

  4. You will be monitored by closed circuit TV while using the club.

  5. Vending machines are provided for your convenience, please be respectful when using these and notify management if there are any problems.

  6. Please report any broken equipment or maintenance issues by the gym on 49418965 in staffed hours or by putting a note in the suggestion box located in the foyer at reception.

  7. There are three doors armed with a fire alarm system (at the bottom of both sets of stairs and in the weights room). If doors are opened an alarm will sound, so please be aware of this when using the gym after hours. If an alarm is sounded in a non-emergency situation security will be called and a cost could incur.  

  8. There are two duress buttons located on the back wall in the weights room and cardio area. In addition, we’ve provided members with two remote duress buttons that you can carry around with you while in the gym. These duress remotes must be returned to their original location before leaving the gym. If duress buttons are removed from the gym a fine will incur.

Creche Policies

The Moranbah Boxing & Sporting Club Inc provides a Crèche for the convenience of its members.  To enable us to provide a high quality of care and align with the regulations set down by the Department of Communities, we have implemented a Crèche Policy governing the operation of our Crèche and the care offered.  The Club has created this policy in conjunction with the guidelines offered by the Commission for Children and Young People.  Detailed below is a summary of the policy:

  • Hours of Care:             9.00am – 12.00pm      Monday – Friday

  • Cost is $3 per child per 90 minutes.  This fee assists the provision of tissues, wipes, biscuits, chalk and replacement of books and toys.  90 minutes allows enough time to attend an aerobics session, stretch, and chat with your fitness instructor.

  • We do ask that parents collect their child promptly at the finish of each session to free up spaces for other parents.

  • Crèche Closure/Holidays – The Crèche will only have one staff member on a day during school holidays. During public holidays a maximum of 10 children will be allowed in the crèche at one time. The Crèche will be closed for two weeks over the Christmas period.  Parents will be advised in advance of closure dates.

  • Staff to Children Ratio – The staff to children ratio is 1:10 and there shall be no more than 20 children in the designated Crèche area at any one time.

  • Babies – To ensure the safety and provision of appropriate care for all children, the Crèche will permit only two (2) babies under the age of six months.  Parents are required to provide nappies for their child on a daily basis.

  • Enrolment Procedure – We are required to keep records on each child in care.  These records will include:

  • Name, Address, Sex and Date of Birth;

  • Parent / Guardian details;

  • Emergency Contact details;

  • Particulars of the child’s health / medical / food requirements relevant to care;

  • Authorization with regards to Crèche staff providing appropriate medical attention in the event of an emergency.

  • Attendance Records – The Club requires parents to sign their child in and out of the Crèche at the commencement and finish of care.

  • Where necessary, parents may be asked to cease their activity and attend to their child to change a soiled nappy or in the instance of injury or illness.

  • Exclusion – Children who are sick with a contagious illness (e.g. diarrhoea, vomiting, head lice, chicken pox, etc) are not permitted to attend the Crèche.  Additionally, parents are asked to give due consideration to carers if their child is irritable or consistently not coping with care.

  • Safety – The Club provides a designated area for the Crèche.  The Crèche area must be kept in good repair, clean and free from pests.  Children must not have access to any dangerous items including poisons, corrosive substances, disinfectants, plastic cling film, plastic bags, dangerous electrical equipment and hot water pipes.

  • Staff – The Club requires that Crèche staff are over the age of 18;  hold a current ‘Blue Card’ and a current First Aid Certificate.

  • Refreshments – Parents should supply drinking water and light refreshments for their own children.  Please provide a non-spill cup if your child is unable to drink unassisted.

  • Food Restrictions MUST be adhered to.  A list of prohibited foods will be displayed at the Crèche entrance.  This list will be updated as amendments are made.

  • At the finish of each Aerobic or Gym session, parents should make their way to the Crèche without delay to enable other parents to utilise the facility.


Our aim is to provide successful and happy Crèche care for all children of clients.  Please do not hesitate to speak to our Crèche Staff should you have concerns regarding the quality of care.  


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