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Gold Rush for Moranbah at Australian Titles in Hobart!!

"From the Corner" by Coach Mark Janssen


Moranbah Boxing Club boxers Jack Hoffmann, Leo Nicolson and Stuart Wilcox all returned to Moranbah with Gold medals from a

 successful trip to the Australian Titles held in Hobart, Tasmania..... (Click below for the full story)


BOXING FIGHT NIGHT  8th of November 2014

Updated  27/11/14


From the coaches corner:


Moranbah turned out a great night in support of our awesome boxing team at Moranbah Boxing And Sporting Club. I can't express how proud I was of all the team members who boxed and supported each other showcasing high level of skills, determination and sportsmanship that Moranbah can be very proud of. The support of the parents, friends and general community who came along to inspire the boys was second to none. The hard work and commitment our team has put in week after week in the gym, and tournament after tournament all year round was rewarded with the overwhelming show of support that lifted our boxers to perform exceptionally well both in victory and defeat.

Nathanial Gray won a close decision against Dysart's talented State champion Sam Lyons. Kane Benbow was up against Northern Beaches Caleb Childs.  The judges went with a decision to Caleb at the end of the three rounds.

Our senior team members Carl Exmann, Bernie Lund, Beau Lawton and Leo Nicolson all weighed in hoping to gain a match. Carl and Bernie were pre-matched and were devastated when their opponents were a no show. Due to the no show, Bernie and Carl as well as Leo and Beau decided to have a hit out with each other. They all put on a great show practicing all their punches and strategies. Corey Heaton was up against Dysart's Ben Nader who was stepping up in weight and age. Corey and Ben boxed an exhibition match in which they both showcased their skills, showing good skills in both attack and defence. At the end of the action packed three rounds Kyle received a close decision.

The Main Event of the evening was a rematch of the State Super Middleweight final between Townsville's State Champion Hayden Hooper (who is now down to middleweight) and Moranbah's own Ian Phillips. Ian started a little slower in the rematch giving the first round to Hayden. Ian need to be more proactive to sway the fight in his favour in the second round. Ian started applying the pressure late in the second which evened the match on the judges score cards. With the contest in the balance, Ian dug deep in the third round being the aggressor and landing some strong punches which swayed the judges in his favour giving him a decision win in a very close fight. A big thank you for all the clubs who supported the fight night, we appreciate your supportvery much!!!!

Moranbah Staff gets down and dirty with the 2014 Emerald Mud Run

The Mud Run Emerald event is a 5km mud run full of mud, obstacles and more mud. The fundraising event is held to support raising funds for local cancer charity groups in the Central Highlands region.




Moranbah Gym invites TV celebrity cheifs, Dan & Steph, WINNERS of My Kitchen Rules, to cook up some healthy recipes to inspire our 8 Week Body Renewal participants and the community.  

Thank you Dan & Steph, WINNERS of My Kitchen Rules TV show, for coming to the Moranbah Gym Thursday the 31st. It's not too often we get TV stars in Moranbah. You left us all inspired to cook and eat healthy AND DELICIOUS meals!! To see some of their recipes check out their blog at

Fitness Frenzy at the Moranbah Gym
- Rasing funds for Climb for Kenya

Updated  5/11/13


Lauren Christian, one of our gym members,  is part of a team traveling to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for children in Kenya. Gym members gathered to support her and Kenyan children at the Moranbah Gym on November 2nd. Particpants rasied around $350 and raffle tickets are still being sold daily. Saturday included a taste of each of our most popular classes including, Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Balance, Commando, Grit Strength, and even a special Grit Cardio sampling.

MBSC Starts another 8 Week Body Renewal on October 8th

Updated  14/10/13


The first 8 Week Body Renewal was such a great success that we're doing it again! 70 people are signed up for round 2 of the 8 Week Body Renewal. This time we've got more fun, more fitness, more instructors and MORE FUN!! Are you ready??

Les Mills Grit Strength Lanuch

Updated  27/8/13


The launch of the new Les Mills GRIT STRENGTH included 30 people for :30 minutes of high intensity interval training with instructors Jay, Kim, and Rachel. It was a tough class, but we all made it through. Want to burn a lot of calories or have a weight loss goal to get to in a short amount of time... it's not a fancy cream or an expensive device... its Grit Strength 2x a week. Try it this week! Please book ahead with MBSC reception.